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del 26-02-2013

Acta Med Croatica.2011 Dec;65(5):435-44.

Acute compartment syndrome as a complication of prolonged surgery in the Lloyd Davies position.

[Article in Croatian]

Mrsić V, Rasić Z, Velnić D, Adam VN, Stojcić EG, Smiljanić A.


University Department of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care, Sveti Duh University Hospital, Zagreb, Croatia. vivianamrsic0@gmail.com


Acute compartment syndrome of the muscle is condition in which prolonged increase of tissue pressure in closed unyelding fascial compartments reduces capillary perfusion below a level necessary for tissue viability leading to muscle and nerve ischaemia for few hours. There are wide variety different clinical settings associated with compartment syndrome. Acute lower limb compartment syndrome that occur during and after prolonged surgical procedures in Lloyd Davies position is rare but potentially devastating complication that can lead serious local complications and life threatening situations as, rabdomyolysis, kidney failure and death. In this article we summarize pathophysiology, clinical staging and diagnostic procedures of acute compartment syndrome in Lloyd Davies position. We present female patient developed limb compartment sindrome after surgical procedure which lasted 6,5 hours in the Lloyd Davies position for extensive rectovaginal endometriosis. In this article we rewiev different contributing factors that may predispose to compartment syndrome during Lloyd Davies position and undescore importance of recognise the risk factor and prevent the esthablishment of acute compartment syndrome during and after surgery in the Lloyd Davies position.

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