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Endometriosis is a disease that affects over 3 million women in Italy and is very disabling. In fact, it is a disorder that makes the menstrual cycle really unbearable! Too painful to prevent the carrying out of daily activities, to prevent a normal life as a couple, to become almost an obsession for many women.

Anxiety, depression, insomnia, menstrual pain: all these are only part of the ailments that make many women, affected by endometriosis, often unable to go to the workplace.

lavoro work

Unfortunately, this also causes numerous absences from work for the many women who suffer from it, and fortunately a legislative decree has been presented that aims to improve the health and living conditions of patients through prevention, with a deeper knowledge of the pathology, the establishment of regional registers for the collection and analysis of clinical data, information campaigns, the updating of medical staff and, last but not least, provisions in the event of absences from work.

The periods of absence from work are increased by 30% in the case of endometriosis and 50% in the case of treatment of infertility caused by endometriosis, clearly certified by the doctor. This is because little is said about it but endometriosis can really become a disabling disease with the use of surgery and very severe pain. to women, we go to meet those who need it.


It is hoped that all this will soon materialize, because it is estimated that women with endometriosis are forced to take time off from work, due to this terrible disease, on average for nine days a month, obviously every month.

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