Riserva Ovarica Ovarian Reserve

Solving the fertility problem in women with endometriosis is still a difficult challenge for infertility therapy centers today.

In most cases, women with endometriosis, even if operated for the removal of endometriotic ovarian cysts with peritoneal foci, are not treated differently from other patients without this pathology.

The difference between them, in terms of success rates, is substantial. In endometriotic pathology, the reduction of the ovarian reserve is clear and, even in women under the age of 32 \ 34 years, there may be difficulties in oocyte recovery as happens in women over the age of 40.

Riserva ovarica e endometriosi ovarian reserve

The quality of the oocytes is also seriously compromised due to substances produced by outbreaks of endometriosis that are not visible on ultrasound.

It is easy to understand that these women need a different therapeutic approach, aimed at reducing the negative effects that all this has on oocyte quality.

A 2-month pre-treatment with drugs that reduce endometriosis with the addition of antioxidants and polyvitamins significantly improves success rates.

We observed in patients who underwent this type of treatment before proceeding to assisted fertilization attempts, an improvement in implantation rates, in a study whose preliminary results were the subject of a report presented at the ESHRE World Infertility Congress in London.

riserva ovarica e endometriosi/ ovarian reserve

One wonders why women with endometriosis are not regularly managed with a global vision of the disease that places them in a preferential group as they are more at risk than other women.

Not all centers agree with these indications which are collected in the European guidelines for the treatment of infertility from endometriosis and each is regulated more or less in accordance with the indications.

Unfortunately, the “disconnect” that exists between those who deal with endometriosis and those who deal with reproduction, causes a void that causes delays, sometimes decisive, in achieving pregnancy.

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